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Healthy and strong bone structure in your jaw is an important aspect of maintaining the full function and the health of your mouth. This is especially important if you need to place a dental implant. If you have compromised bone structure in your mouth, Dr. Dale Gallagher might recommend that you receive a bone graft to restore enough structure to later mount a dental implant.

Your first consultation appointment involves a thorough examination of the area, which might also include taking a series of X-rays or a CT scan. This will clearly determine the amount of bone structure available and will help make sure the surrounding teeth are healthy.

To perform the graft, our oral surgeon will install it a single outpatient appointment where you will be deeply sedated. You will need to have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

The bone graft can be sampled directly from your own chin or a surgical-grade cadaver. The surgeon starts by making an incision in your gums to directly access the bone and prepare the area. Then, the bone sample will be set into place and the gums will be sutured closed. In time, your body will naturally integrate the graft into your existing bone structure.

Your recovery time will vary depending on your age, overall health, and quality aftercare. Tobacco use irritates gum tissues, which results in increased recovery time and a heightened risk of infection.

If you are concerned about the loss of bone structure in your mouth, we invite you to call Dale M. Gallagher, DDS at 512-258-1636 to see if you’re a good candidate for a bone graft in Austin, Texas.