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Have you been experiencing problems with your jaw and the muscles in your face that control it? If so, you may have what is known as temporomandibular disorders–or TMD/TMJ. And if that is the case, our team in Austin, Texas can help.

TMD/TMJ are a group of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in your joints in the jaw and the muscles that control your jaw movement. Your temporomandibular joints hinge the jaw to your skull and allow you to open your mouth, eat your food, talk, and create facial expressions. Cushioned by a small cartilage disk, the ball and socket allow slip in the joint so you can chew and grind the food you eat.

How can you tell if you might be having issues with your TMJ? You may be experiencing the early symptoms of TMJ disorder if you have the following:

  • Pain when you open your mouth.
  • Pain when you bite down with force.
  • Early morning soreness in the jaw.
  • An ongoing dull ache near the ears or temple.

Do you continually grind your teeth at night? If so, this can cause an ache in the joints from inflammation. Over time, this can also lead to soreness in the surrounding joints and ligaments.

If your TMJ problem is caused by teeth grinding, we may recommend a night guard as treatment. This appliance is a custom-made mouth guard that fits over your teeth and prevents them from grinding and clenching together while you sleep.

If you are currently experiencing symptoms of TMD/TMJ disorder in Austin, Texas, our experienced team is here to help. Please call 512-258-1636 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dale Gallagher. We look forward to helping you find relief and bring your smile back!