Restore Your Smile with the Help of Bone Grafting

One of the finest tooth replacement treatments available in today’s world of dentistry is dental implants. Dental implants are permanent tooth replacements that will fill the void left behind by a missing tooth with an implant that is directly installed to the jawbone for a durable hold that can last a lifetime. However, if a… Read more »

The Importance of Your Temporomandibular Joints

Did you know that the joints in your jaw are responsible for carrying out a myriad of functions, including many of your lower facial movements? These joints also help facilitate your eating, speaking, and chewing abilities. They are called your temporomandibular joints, or TMJs. The TMJs are joints on the sides of your jaw which… Read more »

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Might Require Surgical Extraction

The wisdom teeth residing deep in the gums at the back of your son or daughter’s mouth can erupt sometime in mid-to-late adolescence. Unfortunately, most people lack the sufficient space to accommodate the presence of all four wisdom teeth. This can cause the teeth to become trapped in the gums or even turn at an… Read more »

Tobacco Use Can Cause Significant Complications After Oral Surgery

If you’ve had an oral surgery, such as tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal, or a dental implant at Dr. Dale Gallaghers’s Austin, Texas clinic, it’s important to take measure to ensure the health and recovery of your gums. This starts with simple measures, like eating soft foods, drinking without a straw, and taking any prescription… Read more »

Repair Your Smile with Dental Implants

Did you know that dental implants are tooth replacements designed to withstand the rigors of chewing and speaking for the rest of your life? Although dental implants can be damaged, they are extremely durable and capable of lasting a lifetime. If you have any lost or missing teeth, consider the following benefits that dental implants… Read more »

How to Properly Recover Following Bone Graft Surgery

Have you restored your oral health with bone graft treatment? If so, it’s important to do all you can to recover so you can have the best treatment results possible. That way you can finally have the top-notch oral health you deserve. To help you properly recover following bone graft surgery in , , our… Read more »

TMJ Disorder: The Symptoms

Do you ever have recurrent headaches? When you wake up, do you ever have a tired or sore jaw? Would you be interested in learning that these problems might actually be caused by dental issues? Similarly, did you know that our team could help you cope with these problems? Sadly, a very common cause of… Read more »

Things You Should Know about Dealing with TMJ Pain

If you have noticed a lack of mobility in the area where your jaw meets your head that is accompanied by pain and a popping sound, you may have temporomandibular pain, or temporomandibular disorder. These issues are commonly called TMJ pain or TMJ disorder and can make it difficult when speaking or eating. TMJ pain… Read more »

TMJ Disorder Symptoms Can Indicate the Best Treatment Plan

TMJ disorder is a blanket term used to describe pain, discomfort or physical dysfunction in the temporomandibular joints that hinge your mouth. Chronic TMJ disorder can have a significant impact on the function of your mouth as well as your overall quality of life. Identifying the symptoms and primary cause of your TMJ symptoms will… Read more »

Gum Disease and Dental Implants: The Facts

You know that missing a tooth can be a serious problem, but did you know that you should have the issue addressed as soon as possible? While there are a number of treatment options you can consider, each will have different benefits and drawbacks. For example, implants can help you overcome issues caused by gum… Read more »