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The wisdom teeth residing deep in the gums at the back of your son or daughter’s mouth can erupt sometime in mid-to-late adolescence. Unfortunately, most people lack the sufficient space to accommodate the presence of all four wisdom teeth. This can cause the teeth to become trapped in the gums or even turn at an unhealthy angle.

Should one or more of your child’s wisdom teeth become impacted, you might need to have them surgically extracted at our practice. This will effectively help ease the pain and pressure while also preventing an impacted wisdom tooth from harming the roots of a rear molar.

The wisdom tooth extraction can often be performed in a single outpatient appointment where he or she might need to be fully sedated. Afterward, your child will still feel some sedative effect and will need a ride home.

Dr. Dale Gallagher will likely prescribe some pain management or other anti-inflammatory medication to help maintain their comfort during recovery. While his or her gums are healing, your son or daughter should stick to eating soft foods and avoid drinking with a straw.

If you live in the Austin, Texas area and you are concerned about your child’s wisdom teeth, you should call 512-258-1636 to set up a consultation with Dr. Dale Gallagher.