Before Intravenous Anesthesia Sedation

Home Instructions Before Oral Surgery

Please follow these instructions to prepare for oral surgery with IV Sedation.

  • Since anesthetic medications can cause prolonged drowsiness, you MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult to drive you home and stay with you until you have sufficiently recovered to care for yourself.  This may take up to 24 hours.
  • During recovery time (24 hours) you should not drive, operate complicated machinery or devices or make important decisions, such as signing important documents.
  • Prior to the procedure, you must have a completely empty stomach.  IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK EIGHT (8) HOURS PRIOR TO SURGERY.  TO DO OTHERWISE MAY BE LIFE THREATENING.  Prior to this eight hour period, it is advised you drink a full glass of water to help with dehydration.
  • However, if you are taking any regular medications (e.g. high blood pressure, antibiotics, etc.) it is important that you take these medications or any medications provided by this office, by using a small cup of water. 
  • Please wear a short sleeve shirt for our monitors and closed toed shoes.
  • Stock up on soft cold foods such as…ice cream, yogurt, pudding, Jell-O, applesauce for the day of surgery.