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The last set of molars in the mouth, called wisdom teeth, are troublesome. They are left over from a far off period of our history when our foods were tougher to eat and difficult to digest, so we don’t really need them anymore. On top of that, our mouths have changed shape, so if the wisdom teeth grow in wrong, they can cause all sorts of problems.

Everybody’s situation is different, and the wisdom teeth can try to grow in in surprising ways. Sometimes they can try to grow in sideways and end up affecting the growth of the second molars. They can only partially erupt, which leaves a bit of gum tissue on top where food can get caught and it’s easier for the tooth to decay.

Dr. Dale Gallagher can help you determine if you need your wisdom teeth extracted and perform the surgery to remove them. Your x-rays will help him determine how to best extract your wisdom teeth. Our dentist will anesthetize around the tooth and extract it. If it’s impacted or hard to get out he may make it easier to remove by cutting the tooth into pieces.

If you or your teens need your wisdom teeth removed in Austin, Texas, be sure to call Dale M. Gallagher, DDS at 512-258-1636. We will be happy to help you.